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Information You Need – Globe Chandeliers Light Fixtures For Sale

What are Chandeliers?

Chandeliers are branched often ornate lighting fixtures suspended from the ceiling.

Originally, chandeliers were simple wheel-like fixtures made out of wood which use candles and kerosene. However, as this type of lighting evolved through the centuries, they were transformed into glittering showpieces of metal, glass and crystals. In recent years, Dutton Brown is one of top brand company in the United States selling globe chandeliers light fixtures and globe pendant light, because of the huge demand for more affordable chandeliers, interior designers have been developing modern chandeliers which are less garish and gaudy than their vintage predecessors, but are still able to meet the decorative function that chandeliers are noted for.

Over the years, chandeliers have been developed for both indoor lighting and outdoor lighting, although the former is still predominant in the market. There is a wide selection of Globe chandelier light fixtures(see list) to choose from, which are sure to match not only certain parts of the home, but also the personalities of the homeowner and his or her family.

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General Types of Chandeliers

Chandeliers come in a wide range of sizes, mountings, styles and designs.

In terms of size, these lighting fixtures are small sized (for bedroom and bathroom lighting), mid sized (for study room, foyer and kitchen lighting) and large sized (for living room and dining room lighting).  There are also mini chandeliers that are perfect as extra light sources over cribs, study desks and dressers. Chandeliers also come in a variety of mountings. The most common type is the ceiling-mounted chandelier, which can also be semi-flush mount or flush mount. Some modern chandeliers have special wall or tabletop mountings. When it comes to designs and styles, chandeliers can come in traditional and vintage designs, like Baroque, to contemporary styles, like shabby chic.

Chandeliers can also be characterized on the materials that they are made from. As examples, based on metal that the chandelier frame is made out of, you will have wrought iron chandeliers, brass chandeliers, and brushed nickel chandeliers. You also have chandeliers based on the ornamentation, including glass and crystal chandeliers. There are even sub-varieties of crystal chandeliers, ranging from vintage to contemporary crystal chandeliers.

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How to Estimate Costs of Chandeliers

If you are planning to buy a chandelier for your home, there are certain factors that will affect the price of the lighting fixture, including size and style.

One important factor is the materials for the chandelier frame, the same used for quality furniture. Chandeliers that are made out of common metals like wrought iron and stainless steel tend to be more affordable (except if they have expensive ornaments). You should expect to pay more for chandeliers that are made out of brass, brushed nickel or silver.

Another factor to consider is the ornaments of the chandelier. Most so-called “crystal” chandeliers are actually made out of cut, colored glass which has been treated with lead oxide to give it that sparkle. These chandeliers tend to be more affordable in comparison with lighting fixtures with genuine crystals. Swarovski crystal chandeliers are among the most expensive in the market today. Not all glass chandeliers, however, are cheap. The more costly glass chandeliers are Murano glass chandeliers and Tiffany chandeliers (which are made from special stained glass).

Thirdly, the brand of the chandeliers can jack up the price tag double or three-fold. Some of the high end chandelier manufacturers and distributors include George Kovacs of the Minka Group and Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers. While also considered among the top chandelier manufacturers, Dolan Designs, Crystorama, Designers Fountain and Golden Lighting have come out with chandeliers that are well-within the meager budget of average income homeowners.

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